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Mixed Floral Trade Box - 20 stickers

the product:
Each sticker is individually packed in a high quality printed tube, 410mm x 44.4mm x 1.5mm. Including easy to follow fitting instructions in English, French, Dutch and Spanish. Please note the stickers will not be barcoded.

our stickers:
Wheelie bin stickers retail at 14.99, they are currently sold worldwide via our website, wheelie-bin-art.co.uk, and throughout the UK via distribution network.

stock code: BOXfloral

description:  sunflower x 4, blue skies x 4, lavender 3, lupins x 3, poppy field 3, meadow x 3

price: £150.00 per box, plus delivery

 UK only
 Poppy field box
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 Lupins box
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 Lavender box
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 Sunflower box
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 Blue skies box
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 Meadow box
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 Mixed floral box
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bulk discount:
if your looking to order 3 or more boxes, please email michelle.... for details of the bulk discounts we can offer.