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Parkinson's UK Wheelie Bin Sticker


Parkinson's UK Lavender Wheelie Bin Sticker

our stickers:
EASY to fit, NO cutting required. Suitable for any style of bin,  flat or bevelled. Digitally printed and laminated on high quality self adhesive, removable outdoor vinyl.

37cm x 81.5cm (tapered), designed to fit both 240L (standard size used by most councils) and 140L sized bins, can be easily cut to fit smaller bins, or recycling boxes.

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availability:  In stock

price: £15.99 per sticker plus p&p

Thank you for your support:
For every sticker your buy we will donate 3.50 to Parkinson's UK

Having Parkinson's can feel overwhelming if you don't have the right information and support.
If you have Parkinson's - or you know someone who has - we can help.

For more information
and support please visit the Parkinson's UK website